Channel X (99.1 FM) è una stazione radio di GTA V di Vespucci. In questa radio si possono ascoltare Punk Rock e Hardcore Punk.

Il DJ si chiama Keith Morris.


Circle Jerks - "Rock House" (1985)

T.S.O.L. - "Abolish Government / Silent Majority" (1981)

Youth Brigade - "Blown Away" (1983)

The Adolescents - "Amoeba" (1981)

Agent Orange - "Bored of You" (1980)

The Germs - "Lexicon Devil" (1978)

The Weirdos - "Life of Crime" (1977)

Black Flag - "My War" (1984)

Descendents - "Pervert" (1985)

Suicidal Tendencies - "Subliminal" (1983)

Fear - "The Mouth Don't Stop" (1985)

Off! - "What's Next?" (2013)

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